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Phone Systems & Voicemail

As with many starting or expanding businesses, one may start out with a single line to your business with a single line telephone. Add Voice Messaging to answer when your line is busy, or when your office is closed. Add another line and 2-line phones for all those incoming calls. Add a third line for your fax machine. You might share this fax line with your credit card swipe machine.

Here are some signals indicating you have grown beyond 1, 2, 3 or 4-line phones:
- You need to add new staff
- You need music on hold
- You need the ability to make calls from 1 desk to another within your office
- You need voice messaging for each individual in your office

One thing to remember a telecommunications system is a major investment that should be able to grow with the company. Furthermore, your system should be purchased from a reputable provider who will consult with you to select the right system for your company, install the system, provide training and long-term assistance with any problems and install future system upgrades.

Contact your Account Manager for details on upgrading your current or expanding telecommunication needs.

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