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Getting rid of sensitive documentation? Browse through our wide selection of document shredding solutions and see how efficiently your business can handle all your document shredding in a quick, safe, and secure fashion. By keeping all the shredding in-house, you save time, money, and the environment! EOE Group Inc. specializes in shredders ranging from smaller deskside units to fullscale machines capable of high-speed bulk shredding. Here at EOE Group Inc. we are sure youwill find a machine tailored to your business' needs.

Destroyit: Shredders

Shredding at the source - The essential security measure . . .

The F.B.I. estimates that U.S. businesses lose tens of billions of dollars every year due to theft of company data. All the electronic security measures in the world are useless if you’re throwing out confidential hard copies and disks by the truckload. Putting your trust in an outside shredding service to dispose of confidential data for you is not the answer. By outsourcing your company’s document disposal, you effectively relinquish control of the program. The surest way to protect your company from data or identity theft is to shred sensitive documents at the source–in the tempered steel cutting heads of a Destroyit® business shredder.

Rely on Destroyit for industrial-grade durability and the highest standards of quality. We back the cutting heads on our smallest Destroyit deskside shredder with the same lifetime limited warranty as our largest high capacity industrial model (Super Micro-Cut cutting heads are covered for one year). Every component of every machine is precision engineered from the finest materials and built to last. A quality management system including all company areas was certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. This certification is your proof of superior product quality, technical support and service. All Destroyit models meet the latest standards of Underwriters Laboratories for the US and Canada. All single phase models comply with the most recent standards (UL 60950-1 First Edition, Annex NAF), issued July 13, 2007.

Model Sheet Capacity Speed
Destroyit 2240 10 to 12 12 ft/min
Destroyit 2260 10 to 12 12 ft/min
Destroyit 2360 12 to 14 27 ft/min
Destroyit 2403 19 to 22 27 ft/min
Destroyit 2404 19 to 22 27 ft/min
Destroyit AL1 9 to 11 27 ft/min
Model Sheet Capacity Speed
Destroyit 2501 19 to 21 24 ft/min
Destroyit 2503 19 to 21 24 ft/min
Destroyit 2603 24 to 27 30 ft/min
Destroyit 3103 22 to 25 30 ft/min
Destroyit 3803 20 to 23 35 ft/min
Destroyit 4002 32 to 35 30 ft/min
Destroyit 4005 w/ Auto Oiler 50 to 52 40 ft/min
Model Sheet Capacity Speed
Destroyit 4107 120 to 140 60 ft/min
Destroyit 4605 75 to 90 40 ft/min
Destroyit 5009 600+ 24 to 46 ft/min (2 auto speed modes)
Model Sheet Capacity Speed
Destroyit 2360 SMC 5 to 7 14 ft/min
Destroyit 2603 SMC 7 to 10 32 ft/min
Destroyit 4005 SMC 12 to 16 44 ft/min

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