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What is a print server / controller or RIP?:

It is a device that acts as a print queue and can be capable of print language translation on a computer network. These devices provide document/information mangement and the speeding up of the print job raster image processing (or RIPing) which then passes the jobs to the output device.

Further options, may include but are not limited to: Scanning to email, billing/accounting and/or clustered printing. Clustered printing is where all the printers/copiers connected to the device work in tandem and have load balancing for the fast printing of very large print jobs. Through E.O.E and Konica Minolta, these devices facilitate speeds up to an incredible 850 pages per minute. This device can be a stand alone server, however current trends lend toward the device being intergrated into the printer/copier reducing the overall footprint for network printing.

Below are various options available for your digital photocopiers, some are scaled for smaller businesses while higher end devices allow for even the most demanding and variable printing enviornments.

MBM Corp
EFI: Servers

EFI is the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for the commercial printing and enterprise markets. EFI's award-winning technologies increase productivity and profits by automating print and business processes, streamlining workflow, adding profitable value-added services, and producing rich, accurate digital output across the gamut of digital printing from office to high end production to superwide digital inkjet printing.

Model Connects To: Page Per Minute B&W Page Per Minute Colour
Pi3500 Di350 35 N/A
Pi3502 Di200 / 251 / 351 35 N/A
Pi4700 Di470 47 N/A
Pi5500 Di450 / 550 110 N/A
Pi5501 Di450 / 470 / 550 110 N/A
Pi6000 Di520 / 620 62 N/A
Pi6200 Di520 / 620 62 N/A
Pi6500E Di650 65 N/A
Pi6500Pro Di650 65 N/A
Pi7500 Di750 75 - 150 N/A
Pi8500 Di850 85 - 170 N/A
X3E CF1501 / 2001 / CF9001 15 - 20 15 - 20
3101E CF2002 / 3102 / CF5001 * *
3102E CF2002 / 3102 20 - 32 20 - 32
S300 CF2002 / 3102 50 50

Features Micropress SX Micropress DX Micropress MX
Document Merge YES YES YES
Archive to PDF YES YES YES
Imposition YES YES YES
Numbering YES YES YES
Annotations YES YES YES
TrueForms (Variable Data) YES YES YES
TrueColour (Colour Management) YES YES YES
TrueCluster (Cluster Printing) Optional YES YES
MicroSpool (OPI Spooler) Optional YES YES
TrueScript (Job Scripting) Optional Optional YES
OCR and Microtiff Optional Optional YES
MicroImager (Scanning / Capture) Optional Optional YES
E-Prove (Billing and Accounting) n/a n/a YES
E-PSM (Remote Job Editing) n/a n/a YES

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