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img Samsung SXC-4500

Imagine the excitement and sense of pride that this sleek jewel of a printer will bring to your life. Banish unattractive technology and welcome a trendy laser that will sparkle on your desk and light up your printouts. With SAMSUNG SCX-4500 it's not that hard to imagine.

It's sleek

One look at the exquisite design and the high gloss finish and you know that this is unlike any printer you've ever encountered before and you've only just seen the surface. The design is pure luxury, elegantly crafted in a sleek, compact body embedded with Sapphire LED's.

it's silent

The SCX-4500 is made to serve people, not annoy them. Be amazed by the low noise this printer produces. Normally, conversation between two people is about 50dB of sound but with this SCX-4500, it is just 45dB. This printer will no longer intrude you with a noisy working environment.

It's slim

No more space consuming printer. This downsized printer does not compensate the capacity nor its design. It's more portable and no more worries of bulky and bulging desktops but a slimmer and more beautiful desktop that makes your desk a pleasant and spacious area even more.

Semi auto sliding cassette tray

In the past, people had to take a deep breath and give a hard yank to pull open their paper trays. Welcome to the next generation the semi-auto sliding cassette tray. Fully upgraded, the ample 100-sheet tray slides out with a simple push of the eject button. Once the stock is replenished push the tray and feel the docking mechanism lock into place.

It's simple

By just slightly tapping on the button, it will operate your printer with the functionality that will auto run your printer without extra force in application.

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