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img Muratec MFX-1350D
Product Brochure (PDF)

The MFX-1350D combines reliable performance with advanced functionality - perfect for the desktop, small office or workgroup.

The MFX-1350D is a workgroup multifunction solution that enables users to create high-resolution copies, send and receive faxes, print from a USB-connected PC and scan in color to PC applications.

The device features a simple, two-line LCD that provides clear direction and operational guidance, while the seven program keys allow for effortless, one-touch initiation of complex fax/ copy commands.

An 80-sheet automatic document feeder increases efficiency by not having to separate large fax, copy or scan jobs into multiple sets, while the legal-size platen glass enables the seamless scanning of documents that cannot be scanned through the feeder (carbon papers, identification cards, etc).


Classification Segment 1
Domestic Intro Date May 2008
OEM Muratec (Japan)
Coding System MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
Modem Speed 33.6
TX speed 2 spp
Print Speed (PPM) 13
FCOT (seconds) 12
Quick Scan Speed 108
Paper Capacity 550
Max. Paper Capacity 1,050
Document Feeder (pgs) 80
One-touch dialing 40
Speed dialing 160
Group Dialing 32
Department Codes 100
Multi Access Yes Quad Access
Dual Lines Optional
Polling Yes
Polling Locations 230
Timers 100
Standard Copier Memory 8 MB (Shared)
Max. Copier Memory 40 MB (Shared)
Standard Fax Memory 8 MB (Shared)
Max. Fax Memory 540 MB (Shared)
Max Original 8.5 X 35.4
Max Output 805 X 14"
Standard Pg. Capacity 650
Max. Pg Capacity 3370
Document Mem. Back-up 72 hours
Broadcasting Yes
Broadcast Destinations 230
Dimensions 17.5" X 20.4" X 17.7"
Weight (in pounds) 45.8 lbs.
Copier Standard
Fax Machine Standard
Internet Fax Opional
Network Fax Optional
PC Fax Optional
Network Printing Optional
PC Printing Standard
Network Scanning Optional
PC Scanner Standard
Network Interface Opt. Ethernet
Interface Type 10/100 BaseT


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