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imgTriumph 4850 EP

Triumph 4850 EP Fully-Automatic Cutter
The Triumph 4850-EP Offers High Speed Production and Top Safety for Storefront and Franchise Shops. 
  • 18-1/2" Cutting Width.
  • Power back guage and programmable keys save time and maximize efficiency for small quantities and frequent changes.
  • Digital display with indication accuracy of 0.01" and electronic hand wheel allow for fine adjustment of back guage.
  • 10-button keypad to preset measurements easily.
  • Memory key for repeat cuts and eject key.
  • Power back gauge.
  • Knife and clamp push-button activated.
  • Clamp can be operated independently from blade.
  • Safety guards on front and rear tables.
  • Optical cutting line for easy sight trimming.
  • Safe, true two-hand operation by electronic control.
  • Motor protection switch.

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