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In today's fast-moving information flow, you can't afford to let fax transmission and reception slow you down. That's why you need Konica Minolta.


With FAX3900, you'll have the high-speed laser facsimile performance, features and flexibility your business deserves. It's a powerful, multifunctional fax solution for moving information and images more quickly, to more destinations -- with fast print output, Super G3 modem transmission, ultra-fast scanning and upgradeable memory for storing over 1,000 fax pages, TWAIN colour scanning, even network scanning and Internet faxing for electronic archiving, file distribution and sending faxes over the Internet.

In mid-sized businesses, branch offices, workgroups and departments, FAX3900 is an ideal way to speed fax communication with clients, collaborators, suppliers and co-workers.

  • 16 ppm printing and up to 600 dpi resolution to make text more legible
  • Super G3 33.6 Kbps modem transmission and JBIG Data Compression to speed fax traffic
  • High-speed scanning in as little as 2.5 seconds per page; TWAIN colour scanning lets you scan documents directly to your PC
  • Network scan and Internet fax functions for electronic document distribution and archiving
  • Network GDI Printing allows multiple users to share device as a printer
  • Standard 16 MB memory is upgradeable to 48 MB, allowing you to store up to 1,024 fax pages
  • Advanced fax functions for autodialing and one-touch dialing, fax broadcasting, F-Code support and more
  • High paper capacity including 250-sheet cassette and optional 500-sheet second paper cassette


  • 16 ppm Printing: Fast output means faxes can reach their destinations faster -- and up to 600 dpi resolution can make images clearer, text sharper, fine details and handwritten notations crisper and easier to read.
  • TWAIN Colour Scanning: Convert paper document to electronic files for fast, cost-effective archiving and distribution; Scan-to-Email and Scan-to-FTP let you store, share, edit and distribute scanned data in TIFF or PDF format.
  • Network GDI Printing: Allows multiple users to share device as a printer.
  • High-speed Super G3 Fax: Built-in modem transmission at up to 33.6 Kbps with JBIG Data Compression; ultra-fast scanning in as little as 2.5 seconds per page, and transmission speed of 3 seconds per page.
  • Standard 16 MB memory: Upgradeable to 48 MB, allowing you to store up to 1,024 fax pages in memory for greater productivity.
  • High-quality copying: Micro-toning for superior image quality, Text Mode for more legible text, Photo Mode for smooth halftone reproduction.
  • Zoom capability: Zoom from 50% to 200% in 1% increments; preset reduction ratios of 78%, 64%, and 50%; present enlargement ratios of 129%, 154%, and 200%.
  • Advanced fax functions: 200 Auto Dialing locations, 64 One-Touch Dialing locations, 274 Broadcast locations, F-Code support, Timer transmission and more.
  • High paper capacity: 250-sheet paper cassette and optional 500-sheet second paper cassette unit, 10-sheet bypass tray, single-sheet manual input for envelopes, cards and OHP transparencies, 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, and 100-sheet output tray.

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