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Fax Machines

Every office requires a straight-forward and reliable way to send and receive faxes. Whether adding hand written notes to a document or requiring a signature to close a deal, fax machines still offer the quickest and easiest method for document delivery over a standard phone line.

Konica Minolta: Fax Machines

For memos, graphics, order forms, handwritten corrections, signed documents and more, you need high-speed, high-quality fax capabilities. Thatís why you need Konica Minolta.

Model Print Speed Max Paper Capacity
Fax 2900 16 ppm 760 pages
Fax 3900 16 ppm 760 pages
Muratec: Fax Machines

Recognized as the industry leader, Muratec specializes in reliable fax solutions that meet virtually every business need.

Model Print Speed Max Paper Capacity
F-560 20 ppm 1,050 pages
F-520/F-520D 14 ppm 1,050 pages
F-300 13 ppm 1,050 pages
F-112/F-112P 17 ppm 250 pages

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